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5 11 2009

I’m cool on people that say… “Fo sheezy, my nigg?”

5 11 2009

1) hollywood types/ “celeb” name droppers

2)artificial hair/colored contacts

3)networking nigggas(what can you do for me?)

4)inquisitive 1000 question asking game suction artists

5) wondering bout my paper stack niggas/bitches

6)bozo’s trying to run weak ass game on SB..like SB is a lunchmeat MF

11 02 2010

Yo, true dat @ “hollywood types/ “celeb” name droppers” and the same goes for the herbs who’s facebook & (fomerly) myspace is just a FUCKING parade of “look who I know” pics with celebs. Yeah, you might now one or two, but it’s not impressive that you spout about who was at the club and who tried to fuck you…OR who you let fuck. STOP THAT. Shit I been a hater…I just keep it to myself. What’s worse is the celebs who do it. We know you have access to this celeb and that celeb. I Had to “unfollow” Russell Simmons ass because that type of shit got real wack. Done.

5 11 2009

people that drop by unannounced

loose lips, talk my business nigggas/bitches

free loading, smoke my weed and drink my drink folks(who never seem to contribute)

nigggas who ask questions bout some of the exotic FDR’s i know…..


5 11 2009

1). Uggs! LET THEM GO !
2). Dudes in Skinny Jeans where are your nuts fellas???
3). Micro Braids.. upgrade to a lace front ladies
4. Skype Cmon it’s not that tight
5.Braces after the age of 18… you really should just live with your jacked up teeth!

1 12 2009


Looking at your list and.. I am cool on YOU!

3.) Lace Front?? How about your OWN hair! Sin is a sin…
4.) Skype? How can talking to someone in another place and being able to see them at the same time bad? Either you don’t have the internet or a webcam! HATER!
5.) Braces?? Never hate on someone who is trying to do better for themselves! They could get the clear joints tho…

9 12 2009

You took the words directly out of my mouth!!! I am cool on stupid broads like Reanna…..

11 02 2010

Haha. Funny shit!

20 12 2009

1)Whats wrong with Uggs? It aint like they cheap i got 4 pair and my daughter has 2, i paid 160 for mine. They keep ya feet warm and they look nice,whats there to get over? What do you wear Tims? Now if your a female thats what you need to get over.
3)Micros are actually the same price a lace fronts so it has nothing to do with upgrading.
4)Skype aint even been out that long and whats wrong with talking to people and seeing them at the same time i think thats really tight you must not have family in other states.
5)I had braces until i was 19 and what about people who wanted braces when they were younger but couldnt afford them until they got in their 20’s. If they left their teeth fucked up you would make fun of them and if they try to fix their teeth you would make fun of them…just shut up girl

30 12 2009

I concur. Why does everyone ACT like Uggs are nice looking?

6 09 2010

Ummm yea I’m coo off ignorance. And that’s what you sound like. I think you just made up some ish just to post on this site to see if you were cool or not. Not trying to talk to bad about you but truth is, everything YOUR cool on, I know about 100 people that are cool with. I Skype to people in other countrys for business reasons, I wear uggs because its cold. I don’t wear braces but if I did id have to wait until I was older because my single mom couldn’t do it. I never wore Micro Braids but they look the shit. Sorry Reanna, I’m cool WITH everything your cool on.

6 09 2010

100,000 people. My error.

5 11 2009

I’m cool on:
– broke ppl frontin like they ballin…
– ppl wit teef missin, and they CAN afford to fix it!
– pot bellied men
– muffin-tops with (or without) low ride jeans
– proudly-EXPOSED stretch marks (THAT ish needs 2 b kept under wraps… fo’ real!)
– women who male-bash
– colored contact lenses!! Nigz be lookin like some damn WERE-WOLVES!!
– ppl who stink, but AIN’T homeless!!
– parents who beat they kidz…
– trash on the ground, right NEXT to a trash can!!
– chicks who feel the need to talk ignit & loud to tryta “scare” ppl…
(I’ll stop here, lol)

23 03 2010

You definitely touched on a lot of important irritations! Preach it! Ha ha! I think one that is missing is people working in the drive thru with ‘stank’ attitudes! (Did I force you to work here?! How many others would kill to even be working, especially at this time? smh) ~I’m Cool on Dat!~

28 11 2010

OMG… the colored contact thing made me laugh… I’m white with bright blue eyes… (born with them) and i get people coming up and asking where i got my contacts all the time… LOL… Um… my family is Swedish… I didn’t have to pay for um… LOL.

5 11 2009

I’m also SEVERELY cool on cigarette smokers and fall-out drunkards…
Also, BLACK ppl who feel the need to bring they damn dog everywhere they go, like they white, lol!! I already hate when THEY do it, NOW we doin it too??

13 11 2009

hell yeah..leave dem critters at home!!!

6 11 2009

LOL@ WEREWOLVES….lolololol ^^^^^ i know thats right…lol…YIKES!!

ok…i have a few more peeves…

People who dont return my calls

People who borrow $$ and u have to chase them down to get it back

nice looking women with script and olde english writing TATTOES all over them…

People who are too concerned with what others think…fuck em..LOL

11 11 2009

Grown ass women that refer to themselves as Barbie or Princess- bish grow up!

30 11 2009

…and the ones that wear Tiara’s in public??!!

11 11 2009
kev d

people who say “that’s what’s up”

13 11 2009

That’s what’s up tho! lol

30 11 2009

that is what’s up

30 11 2009

How about MEN that say, “No Homo”…Actually dude, that’s VERY Homo…

30 11 2009

Lol, I agree…
ALL dudes that say “No homo” ARE gay (closet homo’s)!!
That’s like a janky-azz nun constantly sayin:
“I’m not a ho, I’m not a ho…”
Oooohhh reeeally??

12 11 2009
K 2 da MF B

attention whores… broads dirty dancing with each other seeking attention.

12 11 2009

People that say “Fa Sho” or “What it do Mamma”…dont come talkn to me with all that Hip Hop talk! Talk like you have some damn sense…like u have a brain…like u at least went to High School and can write a complete sentence!

Guys who think they are pimpn or mackn and have NO GAME!!!!!

12 11 2009

I am so cool on guys coming to me saying ” hey Sexy”
people who text ebonics and expect me to know what the heck they mean to say
even more cool on guys who are over 30 drive and bentley and live in an apartment….and of course I AM SO OVER MEN IN SKINNY ASS JEANS!! for real ya’ll where is the beef?? and if your jeans are hugging more than mine are…we got a problem bruh 🙂

12 11 2009


* SMOKING in a car with children inside is IRRESPONSIBLE and STUPID! Any level of second hand smoke has harmful effects on a child’s health so it is very important that we protect vulnerable children who are confined in a vehicle! The fine for smoking in a car with children inside is only $109. It should be more than a carpool violation ticket!!

* I find it very ironic that managers and coworkers can say that they are all for clients but when they interact with coworkers, they treat them with much less compassion.

* Wearing sunglasses at night. Unless you are visually impaired, please don’t wear shades in the dark, people!

*** Using a key to open up a public restroom!! That’s gross!! That key/keychain is contaminated with shit, urine, or blood. I crank the paper towel before I wash my hands with my elbows. Then I used that paper towel I dry my hands with to turn the knob of the faucet and open the door. But imagine those who doesn’t wash there hands and gives the key back to the cashier…. YUCK!

Hand Washing Statistics: People Don’t Wash Hands

Some statistics illustrating that people don’t wash their hands.
* American Society of Microbiology studies showed:
– 97% of females and 92% of males say they wash
= of these only 75% females and 58% males washed
– 50% of middle and high school students say they wash
= of these 33% of females and only 8% of males used soap while
washing hands

12 11 2009

Hearing ANYTHING about ANYBODY with the last name Kardashian…I’m cool on that!!!

12 12 2009

Can you *co-sign* if you’re not on Twitter?!?

Add to that anybody with the last name Spears, Lohan, Hilton or Cyrus.,,

31 12 2009
Ms. Scott

Ditto with being cool on Kardashian…let the saints say AMEN!

12 11 2009

****** man, am i cool on family members getting all up in my koolaid and not even having a clue as to the flavor or ingredients….and just cause i may have whoop wop de wammed a situation 15 years ago…doesnt mean ill handle a similiar situation the same way today….progress peoples…LOL DAMN

13 11 2009
R.A. Lumas

I’m cool on:
Sunglasses in the club.. or in doors period
Buff people wearin lil ass shirts
people who wear sweatshirts, jeans, knit caps, and FLIP FLOPS
Super low Vneck tshirts!!
People over the age of 16 who tYpE LiKe tHiS

27 11 2009

– Just one exception on the sunglasses: I should get a pass. I play poker ALOT, plus my chinky eyes twinkle with good cards. Sunglasses while playing cards indoors…I m cool with. Plus the lights after hours of play.

9 12 2009

“plus my chinky eyes twinkle with good cards.” ..hilarious

13 11 2009

I am cool on insecure ass men!
people who lagg!!!
people that act helpless!!!
fat friends mad cuz you lost weight!
ugly friends mad cuz you cute! (hey are you really my friend or trying to be me)
people that ask your advice and don’t use it and come back later saying they should of!
club promoters acting like they run shit when they run nothing!
thirsty ass females that can’t go nowhere unless men are attending and then complain when they don’t get no attention!
people so concerned with what your doing when they aint doing ish with there life!
oh and i hate when I am on the phone and someone ask me who i was talking to shit if i don’t tell don’t ask!

geezzzzz I can go on but my brain is overloading hahaha i’m sure you will touch all subjects eventually!

13 11 2009

1) I’m cool on people who…. always talkin bout they going to the studio to make some beats…..come on now..rappin and producing is sooo mid-90’s..lol

2) I’m cool on peole who say… I’m LOOKIN FOR A PLACE..that burns me up..ain’t no good reason u shouldn’t be stable at this point in your life..

3) i’m cool on dead beat parents.. mainly fathers, but there are quite a few women that have been slackin on their parental responsibilities..loosers..

4) On people who are on T.A.N.F… DAM..get a job like the rest of us.. sorry yall, but you should have some sort of income before you decide to have children.. and if u hit a temporary rough pass, then u get a temporary pass, not a life long pass..
shit i wish i could get 500 in foodstamps and pay $25 for rent.. i’m cool on dat..

5) i’m really cool on those fools that are foggin up the facebook block with all these dam club invites.. dam..if i wanna go out..let me find you..

6) i’m cool on dudes that wear white T’s, blue jeans, and nikes errry dam day of the week!!! oh yeah..and don’t forget about the dreads..and those dudes that are standing on the block….sooo NEGROIDIAN…

13 11 2009

i’m cool on people who misspell things..lol.. see i can acknowledge when I misspell ..yeah i see my typos..lol

9 12 2009

I totally agree with you on the welfare part!!! I really hate to see that…ugh

13 11 2009



13 11 2009


13 11 2009

im cool on people who dont get me the first time around, i speak clearly and with emphasis on the important points, if u need to be re briefed , you obviously werent paying attention the first time around and im cool on that…

13 11 2009

I’m cool on this latest vampire craze….. like every ten years when punk comes back into style so do vampires….. it’s so corny. I have to admit I haven’t checked out true blood yet which people say is pretty good, but I’m like how many vampire shows, movies, can you have and keep it fresh (no pun intended)

13 11 2009

I’m cool on teenagers. Nuff said.

13 11 2009


13 11 2009

im not very sensitive, and im cool with(opposite meaning this time..lol) people having an opinion that differs with mine….even if they are wrong….no hit dogs here….yes, the truth does HEART(im cool on confusing ass typos and mispellings)…but to a Saggatarrius like my self…the truth is the onlything that matters…all i was saying is life has its ups and downs….here today and gone to MAUI

ya dig?

13 11 2009


13 11 2009
Regina Michelle

1. Im cool on people who wear shades in the nite time…Really?

2. Im cool on insecure men, when they the ones straying

3. Im cool on men who say Im just not Ready, but try to leave, on the 80/20 rule…sorry grass isn’t always greener on the other side

4. Im cool on skinny jeans on men

5. Im cool on lending money to people and having to wait ages to get it back

6. Im cool on lazy ass Nukkas!!!

13 11 2009

I’m cool on people who get too hyped about “celebrities”. Y’all making these folks think they’re something they’re not. And I’m like frozen on that.

I too could be a “celebrity” if my job was on TV; that don’t impress me much.
When I see you at the mall, don’t be looking at me like “Don’t you know who I am?”

I got a real job, dude. Don’t you know who I am? 🙂

13 11 2009

1. Lazy kids
2. Broke men
3. This muffin top i have been sporting for over 6 years
4. My bad ass dog D-Lo
5. Oakland Police Department
6. The holiday season
7. 8 hour work days

13 11 2009

man…..im cool as hell on teenagers as well….most of the crime(real shit armed robberies and shootings) seem to be committed by TEENAGERS…keep da fuck away…LOL

OH…im cool on ALL POOLEASE period….besides teenagers the mufukkas most likely to be committing henious crimes are POO LEASE officers….just read the news

im cool on rent a cop…flashlight poolease SECURITY GUARDS…and im working on being cool on KOREANS….and lord knows it isnt easy

oh….LA traffic and the air???….man..im so cool on that shit i moved to the bay..LOL

14 11 2009
No Single Mama Drama

I’m cool on dudes with midget tendencies trying to holler at me. Just because I”m short, it doesn’t mean I want a short, short man. You feel me?

24 11 2009


30 11 2009

I’m cool on the “micro-nigz” too!!
They get angry when u don’t accept their advances…
“Little man complex” is REAL than a muuh!!
6ft and up, please??

14 11 2009
Vanessa G


1) Men/Women who cheat on their spouses because of miss-communication. Marriage is all about communicating with your loved ones. It must be something you are doing that has the other person unbalanced. Step up to the plate and work it out before u go fucking your co-worker or ur friend’s man. Hello?!!

2) People thinking its cool to be called a BABY MOMMA or BABY DADDY. Its like our youth is proud to be single parents but don’t really know the real consequences of being one.

3) People spending over $20 on an outfit for their dogs (at Wal-Mart $5 a sweater).

4) Grown men riding skateboards. You are not Tony Hawk, dude.

5) Females thinking they are the shit. Its great to have confidence but by
over-feeling yourself and being a BITCH does not qualify you as the SHIT!

6) Ex boyfriends & Ex Girlfriends calling/texting/emailing you after 2 years of your break up to say “what’s up”, especially if you had a bad break up.

7) The fact that the movie “Precious” is only in 18 movie theaters…wtf is up with that?!!!

14 11 2009
Vanessa G

(I forgot to mention)

I’M COOL ON……my roommate smoking cigarettes in our home and instead of going outside or opening a door or window, she just turns on the A.C. Bitch, all you’re doing is circulating the smoke and running up the damn electricity bill. Now no matter how much cleaning I do, my home still smells like a cheap motel. Never again, will I have a roommate who smokes (because I don’t)!!

20 11 2009

I’m cool if i’m the only white chick on this page…(feeling like a fish out of water)

20 11 2009

you’re not. you are appreciated!

20 11 2009

I am cool on white people trying too hard to be black. I get tired of white girls who start dating a black guy, and all of a sudden their speech changes, they start wearing big ass earings, and all of a sudden they real hard. White boys get a black friend and all of a sudden they saggin, rocking bandanas, and in the bloodz. Being black is beautiful. U can date a black person without changing urself, and u can be friends wit black people wit out having to change ur style. i am soooo fucking cool on dat shit.

3 02 2010

@shysty101…………I agree! Lame people, its lame.

23 11 2009
Omar W

I’m cool on….
girls that are in the club and don’t dance.
Girls in the club that dance alone. lame.
People who always want to pick fight over dumb shit. Take it easy coward.
Girls crying for no reason and when you ask whats wrong they say “nothing”
RA’s who take their job too seriously.
People who make out too much in public… Especially ugly people.
People with ugly dreads.
Girls that cry about their weight but eat junk.
when people say they are going to smoke you up then don’t.
Girls who suck at dancing.

25 11 2009
Vanessa G

Hey hey I dance alone at the club. Some dudes don’t know how to dance with you. They be grabbing all on your goodies like you tryna fuck on the dance floor. Boy pahleezeeee

25 11 2009
Omar W

haha. I do see guys lookin like they’re tryna rape girls on the dance floor. Thats not me but I know what you mean.

24 11 2009

I’m cool on….
-seein dudes in skinny azz jeans
-celebs wearin one damn glove on their hand now

24 11 2009


25 11 2009
Vanessa G

Women who call themselves Barbie’s are fucking idiots. Might as well call yourself FAKE because that’s what barbie is made out of “plastic”.

26 11 2009

1. Ppl wHo WrYt3 Lyk3 ThIz (Why? Writing correctly is so much easier.)
2. Girls with “Pretty Wings” as their middle name on Facebook. That’s not your middle name. That’s not even your nickname…no one has ever called you Pretty Wings. Get off Maxwell’s nutsack.
3. Dudes over the age of 15 that approach females with this line “You got a boyfriend?” And then after she responds “Yes” he proceeds with “Well can you have friends?” C’mon son! Where’s your game at?
4. Cottage cheese booties in leggings and tights. You need a tunic to cover that sh*t up. I’m cool on cottage cheese booty.
5. People who use words like: dat, dis, dem, wut, wuz, or start sentences with “Do you be…?” or “We is/was…” FAIL!
6. Paragragh length messages with no periods. Just seperate your thoughts with periods jerk. e.g. “hi wuts goodie going to da movies wanna cum might git drinks an hit da club after hit me” WTF!
7. I’m cool on “What’s goodie?” What’s wrong with “What’s good?” No need to add more syllables.
8. I’m also cool on talking about the “skinny jean epidemic”. I really don’t care. They’re your balls…do what you please with them. If you want a yeast infection be my guest. I just don’t care that much…next subject.

27 11 2009

I m cool d*mn near frigid on:
1. Haters who hate haters that hate haters that hate…uh yeah. WE ALL HATE at times. “God is a jealous God”. Where you think we get it from (wink)
2. Promotors who advertise open bar til’ 11pm. But don’t let people into the venue until 12:00…yes this happens ALOT in NYC. (don’t prey on my brokeness)

31 12 2009
Ms. Scott

lmao @ promoters who keep folks waiting til the open bar is closed…lol That was priceless 🙂

28 11 2009
Dominic Wilcox

im cool on Females taking half naked pics

im cool on females callin themselves barbies and 5 star chicks

im cool on niggas thinkin they can bag a bitch cuz they light skinned

im cool on niggas tellin they sex stories like anybody cares

im cool on females wit rainbow weave

im cool on being judged just cuz im a nigga myself

im cool on Hypocrites that tell you not to do suttin knowin they lowkey do the same shit they tellin you not to do

shit man iCan go on and on wit the shit im Cool on…smh

29 11 2009

Im cool on the following:

1)nappy ass weave-if you can’t keep it up, don’t buy it…
2)dudes who sag their skinny jeans-HUH?!
3)people who don’t know the diffrence between to, too, and two when typing-not sure why it’s a pet peeve but it DEFINITELY is…
4)fat chicks who’s clothes are too small-your stomach hanging out of the bottom of your shirt is sooooo not cute!!!
5)people who smoke cigarettes-more so females…Definitely not kool….

29 11 2009

My bad…I forgot a few….

Im cool on parents out in public w/their unruly-ass kids, not doing anything when they keep running into me and then trippin when I knock their kid out…

Im cool on funky-ass people…with all the soaps, bodywashes, and deoderants out there, you should not be walking around smelling homeless…and don’t just spray perfume/colonge over your funk bcuz that makes it worse…

And while im on the subject of perfume/colognes…Im cool on people who use waaaaaayyyyy too much. Particularly guys who spray rediculous amounts of cologne. I can smell your ass before I see you!

Im cool on pushy ass people….if I said no, bitch, I mean no…get the hell outta my face!

Have a nice day! lol


30 11 2009

I’m cool on lace front wigs done wrong! Professionally done the look is undetectable and you can’t tell that it’s not someone’s real hair or at least a bang up false job. But seriously, ladies, if you wear heavy makeup and the glue around your hairline makes you look like you have psoriasis then that is a FAIL! Also a lot of you chicks look like Count from Sesame Street with the hairline attatched just above your eyebrows.

30 11 2009
W. Reid

I’m cool on the excessive amount Lace front wigs and weaves done wrong. I gotta cosign Janae. I am cool on excessive use of lacefronts and/or weaves on top of relaxed hair. If you are going to cover your “real” hair why not just rock a natural.

I am cool on the massive amounts of media coverage celebrities recieve for doing nothin!

30 11 2009

LMAO about the LaceFronts…
They are getting worse and worse!!

30 11 2009

What I’m cool on…at this moment today:

KNOCK OFF HANDBAGS…I m sorry ladies but really? I know the real bag retails for 3500.00. Just doesn’t look right rocking this bag while you are:

On the bus- scrap bus pass get a car with a note
Walking- See above
Working fast food- Nothing wrong working fast food. But really is the bag
carrying the last 6 months of paychecks to pay for the bag worth it?

Please add if you can? They look cheezy. I can spot a knock off a mile away. I USED 2 carry them. And I would haggle with the knock-off man for hours on end pointing out the mismatched logos, wrong way logos, metal turning colors, uneven stitching, and poor quality. I’d end up with the matching wallet just to leave…HA.

30 11 2009

I’m also cool on GROWN-AZZ, pot-bellied bruhs who wear oversized T-Shirts that are the length of a dayum night gown,
as if they are REALLY concealing the fact
that their stomach is preggo with 9 MONTHS worth of fecal matter…
WHO they foolin??
Take a dump, old man and wear some age-appropriate shirts!!
I am sooo COOL ON THAT!!

30 11 2009

I’m cool on these SAME old men who holla at 16 yr old girls. SMH

30 11 2009

poeple who cry there have no money and do not know how there will pay the bills… but there been still runing around and spending a lot off money … well whatever…

30 11 2009

I’m cool on:

*people judging me just because I’m from Compton. (sorry sweetie, I have never been in a gang, met a gangbanger, been shot at or held a gun)

*people saying, “you acting black,” or “acting white” etc. WTF does that mean bro?!? I act like DeeA’na Eileen my love.

*females acting like it will cause them to drop dead and die if they say another chick is cute. (don’t dissect my outfit when I walk past you, if it knocks, thanks, if it doesn’t…THANKS)

*people on aim who put ALL their personal business in an away message…furthermore, I hate when people send you a blank aim just to read your away message.

*people out of high school that have a sidekick. Get your professionalism on love. I am not sending you an email to an @tmail.com address.

*people that call blocked. I’m not answering, that is the rule.

*people playing on your phone.

*people sending messages on MYSPACE talking about, “is that yo man?” blah blah blah. Additionally, people that cause drama on FB. Love, FB is for grownups…drama stays on myspace.

*people over 21 that still have a myspace…get that OUTTA HERE!

*people that don’t have a real 9-5 because they are aspiring artists. Don’t get me wrong, if your making money doing ur artistry, by all means do you, but if you a nigga in the studio and selling yo CD at the West Oakland BART Station or at a BART station in the City, I keep it lit like a candlestick during a blackout.

*people that lie on their FB or Twitter of Myspace pages…some of your friends are your friends in real life and don’t go deleting my comment because I “rotflmmfao” at the fact that you “just got off work,” when you DON’T have a job

*people blaming EVERYTHING on the recession.

*people that snoop through their mates stuff to catch them cheating. WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT?!? You are just going to make a scene, they will apologize and in two days you’re back together.

*people that talk about committing suicide. My friends already know, KILL YOURSELF!


30 11 2009

I am SO COOL on the following…

Frivolous Shoppers…

Now, there are kids all over the world who need shoes, food, clothing, etc. Instead of you buying something that you may truly need (Clothing, shoes, a HOUSE), you want to put your money down on a set of rims and jewelry? REALLY? 1st off, HOUSES LAST LONGER! You can live in a house. You cant live in those 50 pairs of Nikes, can you? JACKASS. And 2ndly..You dont know what *SAVING* is? At least save SOMETHING for future activities/troubles! aND WHAT PISSES ME OFF EVEN MORE SO….These people are the same ones who cry, scream, complain, and bitch about what?….
Dont come running to me cause you spent your money on stupid shit. Dont ask to borrow, cause I have NO money.
Back back bitch. GIMMIE FIDDY FEET!
Ugh. #Icantkeepmymoneyright=FAIL!


Why do people lie? Is there REALLY a reason beyond not wanting to hurt people's feelings? I know there isn't. There's NO reason to lie, especially when its for NOTHING! When I find out people have been lying for no apparent reason, it makes me feel all dirty..and angry as well. Be REAL with your shit. Then they get mad when you dont believe their truths. If your dumb ass wouldnt lie in the FIRST fucking place, you'd be taken seriously!
#LiarsalwaysFAIL…Bitches….*side eye*


Is there a reason why people hate? You dont get PAID for hating. You get stipends? Lemmie know. I'll start hating too..*side eye*. Yall ever notice how other races (Asian, Latino, Caucasians, Etc..), get ahead of us in many things? THATS BECAUSE THEY DONT HATE ON EACH OTHER! Yup. I said it. Yall know its true. Why hate on someone thats doing better than you? Shit, follow their footsteps so you can get on your shit too! Use your hate as FUEL. If you continue to spend all your time hating, your ass will be in the SAME damn spot. FOREVER! #HATERSGETSPRAYEDLIKEAFROSHEEN=YOU FAIL!

And last, but not least…


If theres one thing I cant stand, its BITCHES who have BABIES, and opt NOT to take care of them! You dont comb the babies hair. You dont take them to the doctor. You dont even buy the damn children clothes. KILL YOURSELF! Children are not fucking toys. You cant just do dirty shit like that to them. They didn't ASK to be here. Sometimes, I wish I could adopt all the kids in the world, so they'd be safe, and well taken care of. If you didn't want kids, your lazy stank ass shouldn't have laid down and bussed your pussy open. And if you wanted to fuck, condoms and birth control is your best friend. GET TO KNOW THEM! Trifling ass females make me SICK! TAKE CARE OF YOUR KIDS BITCH! And stop putting them off on other people too. Its YOUR babies heffa!

And yeah, I have a whole bunch of other shit, but Im just gonna leave it there for now, because if I keep going, I'll probably crash your site..LMAO!

1 12 2009

im cool on the ugly friend thats lonely always trynna tell yur gurl how to run the relationship and her ugly ass aint even gotta man im so cool 101 on that

1 12 2009

I’m cool on doing work for my boss that her boss told her to do and she gets credit. #workingforthewhitemansucks

31 12 2009
Ms. Scott

Ooh oohh…pick me pick me…cause I co-sign on that one big time! Grrrrr Actually I could care less who gets the credit as long as you just pay me. I’d rather be left alone to do the work with out the pressure, you take the credit and in exchange PAY MY ASS ACCORDINGLY! Holla if ya hear me!

1 12 2009

Im cool on People that dont wash their hands in a Public Bathroom…and also People who take Shits At work..(i dont want to be on a BR break and smell your sinky shit) take a early lunch or somethin..

1 12 2009
Stacey Marie Robinson (Canadian author)

I’m cool on…………….Canadian men with AMERICAN/New York accents??? Be yourself…talk like you know who you are, and where you’re from! If you were born in Brampton, you have no reason to sound like you grew up in Brooklyn.

1 12 2009

I’m Cool on… Bumming friends…

Everybody has that one friend that always wants to go hang out, waits until your nearly at the entrance of said location and says, “You got me right!?” N&$*% what?! Seriously folks, this is getting out of hand. I know that times have gotten hard, but these are the folks that have been “bummin'” pre-recession.

Every time you see these folks, they have better clothes on than Bloomingdales have on there racks, but still can not put up their own fair. They waste their money on Marijuana and alcohol and expect for you to pay their way.

I seem to always say the same thing and you can use it if you want, “N#&%* what the F%&# No!!” Sadly, I’ve had to use this quite a bit lately. It used to be, okay cool and you expect to be paid back for your expenses. As everyone should already know, “NEVER LEND MONEY TO FRIENDS!!!” Those hard hours you worked to have a great time are gone with the wind.

Some of the “Bummers” have a better source of income than you do and have become accustomed to receiving the infamous “Hook-up” and expect the Gravy train to roll on through.

C’Mon people, let put an end to these bummers and make them pay for their own way. Hell, They can take their shoes back and get the cover charge and 2-drink minimum that has been imposed to have a great time. My money is my Money, unless I’m on a date, then and only then am I paying from more than that!

There are a lot of things I’m cool with, but I’m cool on…. Bumming Friends.

1 12 2009


2 12 2009

ATM fees…I’m cool on that…

Ok. So I get cracked at the poker table. I figure 200.00 more out the ATM. I’ll slow play, check raise, do whatever to get back the 300.00 I already dropped. (chasing losses, don’t judge me) Low and behold deez ATM “stick-up gimme all ya money” people up the fees for withdrawals. 4.00 each time for a withdrawal…and my bank fee of 2.50. I’m like “aight..i gotchu” so I (light air) ninja assassin kick the ATM and go to the window to write a check. But the check book is at home 45 mins away. WHY? Because I left it home so I wouldn’t write a check at the casino. SMH


5 12 2009
Miya G.

I am so very CooL on grown ass men using the phrase “No Homo”! I waited for it to go away but damnit, it never did! I would like all users of the statement to know that if you form your lips to say something in which you feel the term “NO HOMO” needs to be used to complete what was said then guess what! : IT WAS FUCKIN HOMO! What ever you said can be taken like you are Swedish Dookie Diving on the low-low so don’t say it. Pause & all! Just think about what you say before you end up sounding like grandmaz freshly baked Christmas “FRUIT CAKE”! & screaming “No Homo” to cover your fruity ass! WTF? I HATE THAT SHIT!

Gas Face :-/

Glad to get that off my chest! LMAO

8 12 2009

Tiger Woods and these jump off.. when did sleeping someone a few time or one time make you a mystress.. I though a mystress is/was a keep lady.. dang!!!

9 12 2009

I’m cool on people with bad breath who want to be talking all up in your face.
I’m cool on them damn telemarketing people who just can’t take ‘no’ for an answer.
I’m cool on this cool ass english weather.
I’m cool on dudes who feel like it’s ok to just walk up and dance behind you with out asking in the club.

9 12 2009

oh one more…I’m cool on people who think because am slim means I’m starving myself. It’s not my fault am naturally that way…blame my momma and my daddy.

9 12 2009

SOOO….I’m cool on….fucking bluntless bastards who look at me and say…..you’re too pretty to be smoking mid….and other foolish, random, ridiculous things just to get my attention….Really, they blow…and I’mcoolonthat.com.biz.gov.edu. Not just that, but everything lame thing in between that men say that they somehow think is interesting and brain-hypnotizing enough for a woman to forget her senses and start passing p*ssy around like a blunt at Woodstock. I mean, really fellas. You all say you want a “real chick” ….a woman that’s “ride or die”…..”take care of you when you’re sick” ….”do everything she can to hold you down”….”f*ck and s*ck you right at every opportunity to do so”…..but then you throw out lame lines that could, at best, only bag the type of chick whose idea of cooking for you is a bag of frito lays and two day old “chilicheese” from 7-11. Stop being so fake and fronting all the time. This society has people so afraid to be themselves that we end up with theses rampant cases of flagrant phony-ism and confused loveless relationships. If you want someone to really love you, show yourself…..bare ass naked raw and uncut YOU. Don’t floss your money, rely on your looks, or throw out bum-ass lines and expect either p*ssy or a real chick. At best, its possible you could catch some p*ssy. But, we just commemorated World Aids Day….and the p*ssy you’d catch with all those b.s. moves, including stuntin with your cash or status is likely to be “throw back p*ssy” in some way, shape of form. What’s my point…..getyamindrightfellas! I’m cool on the lameness, the fakeness, the lines, and anything that presents yourself to a woman by any means other than just being real, honest, upfront you. Remember, only little girls (a girl can be any age woman that is non-evolved) will be attracted by b.s. And, b.s. brings drama, games, cheating, headaches, unwanted kids, overdue child support, public atrocities, and many-a-time…..leaving the clinic with that “ahhhhhhh f*ccccccccck” face. Please and thanks! K!

11 12 2009

i jus read that shaunie o’neal (shaq’s ex) is doing a reality show. im cool with people wanting to get a glimse into the lives of their favorite celeb. but jus cuz u fukd a celeb, had a baby by a celeb, or was married to one u r still a regular bitch and i dont care about your life. im def cool on that.

11 12 2009

Fast food restaurants not providing the proper utensils to enjoy your meal.

I’m cool on that

DAAAANNNGGGG. How many times have you ordered a meal that required a fork or a spoon and you didn’t get it? That so makes me angry. Like David Banner/Incredible Hulk angry. How am I suppose to enjoy my salad without a fork? Chili..no spoon? Soda…no straw? Oh and napkins…fagetaboutit….but I figured a way around the whole no napkin issue. Yo peep this. You know how you get to the last bit’o’fries in the bag that so gently and so strategically fell out the carton. You think the bag is empty yet…mmm…mmm….mmm there are still some fries in the bottom of the bag. Before you get all ‘hongry’ happy..those fries are there for a reason…TO GET THE KETCHUP AND BURGER JUICES OFF OF YOUR FINGERS BECAUSE…they didn’t but NAPKINS IN DA BAG…wait..did my pants leg just rip…am I turning GREEN…rrrrrrrrrrrrR

17 12 2009

Wway cool on the phrase…”hiv/aids isn’t the death sentence it once was”. Tell that to your lady, man, or the one you’re getting ready to leave the club with…

18 12 2009

im cool on
IGNORANCE in any shape, form, or fashion

women who use their children to try to gain affection or cash from men (he don’t like u, u were just easy to screw)

men who get all “suprised” when she ends up pregnant (u knew she wasn’t sh*t when u met her)

and as are many other real women..im so cool men in skinny jeans, ur a fag

21 12 2009

I am so cool on this” Hi I’m the new black Barbie “crap, WOW so you are a cheap and confused runner up to white Barbie clap clap . Your black and pretty ,yay to mf-en you….like really as women we need to learn to be more than what we look like, I’m sick of slow pretty girls who cnt do crap but stand and look pretty…smh you are not Barbie and if you think you are, well they make SSI checks for people like you 🙂

22 12 2009

I’m cool on anyone over 21 that ALWAYS will “keep it real”, “keep it 100”, or keep it anything but legible English grammar. Not against slang cuz its fun and all but when you trying to talk sense to somebody and they gotta come with “on the real, I’ma keep it 100 with you cause yknow-whum-sayin’ If I was in the oval office…” …What? You’d think it was a circle! “If I was Tiger I’d keep it 100 with all my shorties!” And keep 100 percent of your sponsors? It’s funny that bros. always think they got a better answer or some “real talk” for every situation. What is real talk anyway? Why we can’t all be real people and admit that in most situations most people would make most of the same choices and real mistakes we see others make? You ain’t no-body special if you talking about somebody special. You only special cause the Almighty made you special. And you only become special when you following Him and doing something special.

While we’re on that topic I’m cool on people that try to point out your flaws to make you look like a hypocritical Christian. I’m not perfect, you’re not perfect, nobody’s perfect. Being holy isn’t about being flawless it’s supposed to be about the unexplainable stuff that happens when someone as jacked up as we all are tries to make sincere Christ-like choices, and the echoing impact of any one of those choices. You could be in the more controversial group of people of what others consider holy-by-day and do stuff that doesn’t represent Him correctly while still trying to hold true. If you cuss, talk about somebody’s momma then find out she’s dead or dying, make an X-rated joke then why other people gotta be all, “What Would Jesus Do?” They’re not doing what Jesus would do nor do they know what Jesus did. Most people be quoting from the wrong book of the Bible anyhow getting the facts all wrong. Then they swearin’ they deep on some, “in Deuteronomy it say God told Moses to take the animals by two… that means only two people s’posed to be in a relationship!”

I’m off on a tangent here and that’s not what this site is s’posed to be about, “The Nile Evans Gospel Hour with today’s speaker, Reverend Brother Pastor Cliff”. I ain’t that deep and, by the way I’m cool on people that swear they all that deep. I’m just a tech-programmer-ish dude that happens to be feelin’ this site. (Wish I could say I’m cool LIKE that but the geek side of me constantly wants to interject some long-winded undecipherable nonsense that somehow ties back to a programming language or technique (like LISP) that others have never heard of nor care about and then eventually surround the entire quote with parenthesis thus eliminating any possibility of ever being “down”… like Charilie Brown… when I come around…. with the underground (ever notice how some people feel the need to rhyme at the most inappropriate times? I’m cool on that too…))

30 12 2009

Im cool on women with perms hating on natural women.
Im cool on parents who act like they are afraid of their kids(whos the parent here)
Im cool on dudes saying ‘what’s up ma” first of all Im not you ma bastard
Im cool on DISRESPECTFUL children
Im cool on ppl diggin up their nose or even their butts and then wanting to shake hands (nasty crack)
Im cool on ppl acting like they dont see their child acting like a freaking fool IN PUBLIC
Im cool on ppl thinking that all blk women have to have a weave in order for their hair to be down their backs (SORRY HUN ITS ALL MINE)
Im cool on women hating on each other
Im cool on ppl thinking b/c I have locs I gotta smoke weed

30 12 2009

I’m cool on people who like to spend their precious time correcting others. Some of us will always be IGNANT, and you can’t save the world! STOP telling me how you feel about what I’m doing when we have NO relation…

30 12 2009

MySpace Rappers! You know who I’m talking about… them dudes who dropped out of high school, can’t get a job, and do nothing but “burn wit da homies” all day… and yet they tell everyone “I’m coming up yo, I’mma be on that next ish, remember where y’all heard it first!”. HAHA, YOUR MYSPACE MUSIC PAGE? All this guy’s ass did was have his pothead friend throw together some bullsh-t ass beat and he did some wack freestyle over it that made no f-cking sense!! And that’s EVERY SINGLE SONG!! How you gonna say you “the next hottest MC in the game” when all you have is a sloppy 16 with your boys laughing in the background, no demo tape, NOT EVEN a mixtape — HELL, YOU CAN’T EVEN GET IN A PROPER-ASS STUDIO!! These guys should just stick to their day jobs — oh wait, they don’t even have that!! I’m SUBZERO cool on MySpace Rappers!

31 12 2009
Ms. Scott

I’m cool on the use of “Conversate” since IT’S NOT A FREAKIN WORD PEOPLE! I’m also a little chilly with those who spell “a lot” as one word…hmmmm

31 12 2009
Ms. Scott

p.s. the word is “converse” …hee hee hee

2 01 2010

I’m cool on “horror gifts” … and by that I mean gifts that make you and others cringe in horror from the shear inappropriateness or severe lack of thought for the gift. “Its the thought that counts” but you’re supposed to think about the person and the gift not just “I thought to buy them something so whatever I give them is ok” … I know somebody that gave their girlfriend of ten years plus a plain black t-shirt for xmas … and it didn’t even fit! Everyone who witnessed this atrocity (yes they did that bs in front of other people) was in actual physical pain … when I was a kid I knew someone who got an encyclopedia for xmas … but do you think they got the whole set? No, just the letter “k” wtf???? Receiving or witnessing the receipt of a “horror gift” is a traumatizing experience. As a public service announcement people should know that gift giving should definitely be a “go hard or go home situation.” You want brownie points for giving me a gift I can’t use, has no value and nobody wants? I’m cool on that!

2 01 2010

I’M COOL ON Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton & any other prominent black person in our communities that act like them (politicians, religious leaders, any respected/well known black person)

And I’m cool on them because I am so sick of Jesse & Al always talking about how black folks have been wronged….and doing it only when they can be seen. AS SOON as something in this country happens involving black ppl that’s negative in any way, here come Al & Jesse to run their mouths.

Ex. 1: Don Imus saying “nappy-headed” hoes. Al jumped right on any interview he could get to talk about how Imus should be fired…”black people everywhere should offended!”
Ex. 2: Hurricane Katrina. (And this is 1st hand knowledge) Students stranded in New Orleans were finally picked up by the National Guard and while on one of the highways, who pops up in the back of one the trucks preaching nonsenses??? JESSE JACKSON…talking out the side of his neck about nothing that had to do with the students’ safety & well-being
Ex. 3: The Jenna 6. Once again, Al came to the rescue to lead a march/protest and so he could stand on the highest podium and talk about all the racial injustices in America…”black people need to stand together!”

Look, I don’t agree with any of these things that happened; I don’t agree w/ Imus, I think how the government handled Katrina did have some to do with race and I think what happened in Jenna was horrible. BUT Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton ONLY show their faces when things like this happen. They talk the same mess every time and when it’s over, they crawl back into their little hole.

If Al & Jesse want to to be black leaders, why don’t they focus on black progress instead of always “pointing the finger”? People wonder why white people still think the things they do about black ppl…it’s b/c we got these two JACKASSES still talking about the same problems newly freed slaves were talking about. Yes, we have a long way to go as far as race relations, but Al & Jesse FOR DAMN SURE aren’t going to take us there!!! UGH!!! They just annoy me!

*steps off my soapbox* LoL, sorry y’all but I had to say that……

15 01 2010

im cool on people at the club/party who try to dance with a drink in their hand.

i mean why you gotta bring your drink to the dance floor, thats an accident waiting to happen and possibly an ass whoopin too. why cant you finish it at the bar so that shit wont get spilled on the floor and some random person just so happens to slip and break your leg. bottom line is drinks arent meant for the dancefloor i dont care if your song is on and you need to dance or whatever finish that shit before someone knocks into yo dumb ass and you end up spilling it.

on that note someone knocking into you while you have a drink in your hand is prolly the most ignorant way to get mad and get your ass kicked. first of all, yo ass is in a club/ party usually if its poppin it gets crowded quick but most clubs dont get crowded till 1130. with that being crowded people are constantly moving around and theyre not gonna say excuse me cuz the music is so damn loud. you having your drink and your 2 step gets bumped and all of a sudden get mad cuz you spilled your drink on your outfit and you payed $7 for that drink.

….and im cool on that

21 01 2010

@No Single Mama Drama (02:40:40) :

I’m cool on dudes with midget tendencies trying to holler at me. Just because I”m short, it doesn’t mean I want a short, short man. You feel me?

……………exactly what makes them think this…….no and/or no!

I’m sooo cool on that….

…..well I could make an exception for the better endowed short fellas lol

22 01 2010
Keshia Kola

It’s called ENGLISH! I’m tired of reading lazy responses, comments, updates with broken English. I feel like I need a translator and I grew up in the hood. Spellcheck? Dictionary? These wonderful resources are not only ingrained on your PC or MAC; they’re also available online and in book form. Library cards are free! Use them. SMH.

27 01 2010

I’m cool on stank breath I can’t take that shit anymore, I’m cool on females having kids and expecting everyone to watch them for free take their lil ass to the daycare two doors down, I’m cool on crackheads smh

29 01 2010
Madinah (Lusciousmynx)

I’m cool on black women talking about how trifling a man is when they knew he was trifling anyway. Have more respect for yourself and get with a man who respects you. There may be some no good men out there, but you as a female have the choice of which ones you want to be with. There aren’t any trifling men only dumb immature females who don’t know the difference between a good man and a boy! Now I’m cool on that!

2 02 2010
Kali P.

im cool on..
-grown ass ppl typing LiK3 thiS. VeRy FuXkn AnnoYinG.
-girls who match every damn color in their outfit(purpl hair . purple shirt . purple purse . purple accessories)
-ppl thinking jordan fusions are okay too wear.
-grown ass men still in 18 over clubs expecting to find a decent girl.(i use decent losely)
-ppl having morning breath at 3 in the afternoon.
-people still using sad ass pick up line(did yu fall-from where?-heaven. how bout yu fall off a building.)
-syntheic lace fronts . i dont look good.
-ppl w. leaning shoes .

lolz . thinks imm done.

5 02 2010

Im cool on…
1. Ppl who call my white friends wigga, ONLY if they r “black”from the inside! LMAO!!
2. very smart looking men, wearing suites and sh*t LOL
3. NileEvans on twitter!! FUNNY man, makes me laugh everyone morning 😀

Stay cool 😉

8 02 2010

Im cool on grown men carrying backpacks!!!! You 35 yrs old…what you carryin pimp??? and why is it all up on your back??? Im just asking!!!

10 02 2010

I’m cool on:

1. Bragging on your status updates! For example: God is good, just cleaned the porsche, getting ready to tear the mall up” Fool, I know you!!!!! You drive a hondai, stop frontin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Last action heroes at the job! Don’t volunteer for something then complain!!!! Your dumb ass shouldn’t have volunteered for brownie points then get salty when you don’t get them! Newsflash – they ask for volunteers cause they dont want to do it!!!!! They could care a less that you did it, so just do it or don’t, but either way, shut the hell up about it cause I don’t care!!

3. Those people who know everyone!!!!!!! You’re hella annoying!!!! You may know EVERYBODY and name drop, but here’s something you didn’t know, NOBODY LIKES YOUR ANNOYING ASS!!

4. Those women that think because they are cute or pretty (in their opinion) they should not have to pay for anything, wait in any lines, or date anyone who’s bank account is not overflowing….here these women are, fake as they come, with a knock off bag, wearing their best friend’s clothes, and a stank attitude!!! How about using your looks for good, like say, I don’t know, getting a real job so that you can pay your own damn bills! Better yet, take your self indulging behind to school and get an education before you claim that because a guy is not rich and famous, he is “out of your league”. If you were really as smart as you think you are good looking then you’d know that women like you come a dime a dozen! Sure, you’ve been lucky enough to hang with some athlete that wants to party because he had a “away” game or maybe you got a spot in a rappers video where you are one of 50 women in a bikini, shakin it, in hopes that someone notices how different you are from the rest of the women there! So, the next time you’re waiting in line at a party where you think you should be on the list or you go to a bar and nobody offers you a drink, or maybe you’re at a basketball game, sitting rows from courtside, think about this, number one, you’re probably not as cute as you think you are, two: guys look at you and think, “been there, done that” and finally, looks don’t last forever, but an education does!!!! Get that, and maybe you’ll be in someone else’s league and not a league of your own!

5. People have looong annoying orders at star bucks like, “let me get the caramel frap with soy milk, no caramel, extra hot, no foam, in a venti cup, with whip cream! I mean, what the heck is extra hot?? Order your damn coffee and get the hell out of line!!!!!!!

6. People that feel like you need to answer to them…honey, I dont answer to the man who signs my check, the person who brought me into this world, the person who raised me, or the man I live with, so I definitely dont need to answer to you, God is the only one I’m answering to..so…I’ma be where I am at! I’ll get there when I get there, and because I want too!!!

Okay…I’m done for right now….I know there are alot more things I’m cool on….

11 02 2010

Women with kids they can’t handle or afford! A good example would be this 350 pound HORSE of a woman living about 2 houses down! She’s flat broke, her husband is a piece of trash, they have FOUR KIDS UNDER 13 (two sets of twins!!) who break or lose pretty much anything they get their hands on, and get this… they’re having ANOTHER set of twins!! Just great! Can’t wait to see how long before the new ones run wild and they lose the house because they just can’t afford the mortgage, utilities, groceries, or PROPERTY DAMAGE anymore! This bitch even had the nerve to come up to my mother asking for her HELP… how about you HELP YOURSELF and get your goddamn tubes tied!! I’m ICE AGE cool on women with kids they can’t handle or afford!

11 02 2010

Cool on people who never use caps. Fuck that.

12 02 2010


Wiggers: Hate the word, no it’s not okay for anyone to say it!

Stupid people: Please ask the question in your head first, if it sounds stupid and you hesitate, chances are it’s fucking stupid like you are. (Don’t believe people that say no question is a dumb questions cuz it’s a set-up!)

Unattended Kids: People, you know if you take your kid to the store you will have to watch them! It’s not a fucking playground for your kids to wonder and play with shit that they normally wouldn’t play with or touch at home. Watch them or I will trip them and step on their face like they deserve.

Nosy neighbors: Mind your damn business and stop staring at me!

Fake Hollywood People: I will let the public comment on their experiences because we’ve all got the same shit stories, different toilets.

…I can go on and on. TBD

17 02 2010
Ms Lovely Lix

Sidechicks and Sidedudes SNITCHING- it’s time they knew their place

Come On. You knew what it was when you started F*ckin with the boy/girl but you ruin their reputation by opening your mouth and it’s not only making them look bad it’s also making you look bad so don’t be surprised when your walking down the street and someone yells out HOW MUCH. Sorry sweetie but when you met them they was married. Wait did you think yall was boyfriend and girlfriend?? Uhhh no. They live with their spouse, sleep, take trips, have KIDS, and all that with their spouse. Spend holidays and special days with them. That means that you guys are not boyfriend and girlfriend. That means you just the sideF*CK. So stay in your place and don’t get outta line. Come when your called, do not call when you want to come. Now if your mad because they don’t do the things they do with their spouse. TOO BAD. You know what it was. If you don’t like being on the side then kick rocks and find someone that want’s you to be their main FRONT F*CK. And if your okay with being on the side then learn how to STFU. Seriously. Messing up a happy home just because a man wanna be a man and a woman want to be a woman. We’re Human. We got needs. It’s just sex not a relationship so please please please keep in your place and don’t ruin that happy home because you ain’t happy.

And for them people caught up in that BS such as Tiger Woods…N***A is you dumb?? You should have known once you dipped up in them broads that gave them rights to tell the world. Need to have them broads sign a clause ahead of time to keep what happens between yall. Just between yall. That means she can’t even tell her best friend or else she gettin slapped with a lawsuit longer then your D*ck. That’s just my opinion. If your offended. My Bad.

17 02 2010


3 03 2010

Gonna make my list short and sweet

1. jessusified whores, attention whores, basically just any kind of whore.
2. when people are overly fake. at some point everyone is fake whether its at your job, around family etc.. but some folks just take it to the extreme.
3. liars, liars, and liars!!! It annoys the fuck out of me when somebody lie to my face like i’m slow. Bitch, I know you’re lying!!
4. Needy, clingy, desperate people. Are you that lonely and pathetic, that you have to be up under someone 24/7. C’mon now, get a life!

4 03 2010

I am SO cool on the quick-weave ponytail, especially when every other track is a different color. I am from Texas and we see it way too much here in Dallas. Since when did your hair need to match your outfit?! This girl was wearing an Atlanta Hawks Jersey dress with red and yellow sneakers ….and RED AND YELLOW HAIR! Red track, yellow track, red track, yellow track, red track, yellow track…..
I am not knocking women for wearing extensions BUT since when is it okay to NOT reach the goal of having the additional hair match your own? I’m just saying…. I’m cool on that.

6 03 2010

I’m cool on the word swag…that shxt needs to be wiped clean form the Earth IMMEDIATELY !

5 09 2010
Scooter B.


15 03 2010

I’m cool on people who put spinner rims on their busted up mini vans. seriously?!

23 03 2010

Allow me to reiterate! To all you silly ignorant, ungrateful, disrespectful, gum smacking, eye rolling, “You ain’t my Daddy/Mama” people (it’s not only teens) working in the drive thru givin lip and catchin an attitude… we are ALL cool on dat! Please! The next dude/chick is ready to take your spot and willwear the biggest smile doin it! You’re working in the DRIVE THRU! Lord knows you can’t even AFFORD to be rude! Thank you… I’m Cool On Dat!

23 03 2010

insecure men who mumble under their breath some sarcastic sh1t. Get brave and speak up son.

24 04 2010

Random men coming into my job who clearly can’t read, because although I have on a nametag, they still insist on calling me BABY, BABY GIRL, or BOO…because like my required name for here…IMnotURbabySON!!!!

27 04 2010

— niggas who are black as hell who hate on black women like they own mammy ain’t a spitting image of hattie mcdaniel

— broke ass niggas who complain when top notch dimes dont want to fuck with them.

— niggas who don’t know how to stay in they lane. if you ugly, black, fat, whack, then you need to stop tryin to date the 5% of women at the top (which means looks, body, etc) stay in your lane and get you a fat, ugly, greasy chick so you can quit complaining

–niggas period. aint nothin worse than a black ass american nigga yuck. i pray all the lightskinned, armenians, persians asians and beckys take all of ya’ll because its one less nigga to worry about

— niggas who blog thats some bish ass shit

— niggas with nappy hair talkin bout they got waves

— niggas bein dead beat dads, baby daddy’s

— niggas on FB, twitter or any other corny shit including this board

— niggas who aint shit and cant find a chick so they blame the whole race of black women for they problems.

–a nigga who’s a nickel trying to get a DIME

27 05 2010

Things I’m cool on…

The word Hater
Dudes in skinny jeans
Dudes in colored skinny jeans
Fat girls in tight spandex shirts exposing either their stretchmarks below their belly butt or their muffin tops
Fat girls in spaghetti straps
Flapjack tittays (or rocks in socks boobs)
Any fool who attaches the word Barbie to their name/persona
Nikki Minaj and those stupid faces she makes
Drake and his ‘pelvic thrusts’… ILK! Fool you ain’t Usher so stop
Diddy and his inability to find love
Rihanna and her “singing”
Rihanna and her “dancing”
Rihanna haircuts
Cassie haircuts

I’ll be back… lol

27 05 2010

i’m hella cool on people that say..”YOU FEEL ME”.. bout the most over used phrase in our life time..geez..smdh

31 05 2010

Im cool on people always offering you food when our not hungry and being so persistent with it….”Im good”, what part of this do you not understand?

1 06 2010
Darren Sherrill

I’m cool on grown ass people who still think it’s cool to sell weed when their 40+. If you’ve got grey in your beard it’s time to retire from being a drug dealer!

23 06 2010

Things “I’m cool on”
-People that say “no homo” to justify saying some gay shit…no sir/ma’am that’s still GAY!!
-So over these big girls with these BABY GAP clothes on…you know when your pants barely button up anymore it’s time to give up on putting them on ever again!!
-Guys with Timberland boots in the summer time…WTF??Your feet are gonna have a damn heatstroke!!
-So over these new Soulja Boy ass wanna-be rappers like Travis Porter and New Boys…I’m not gonna lie I liked Soulja Boy when he had that lil dance it was hot but this is getting RI-DAMN-DICULOUS!!
-These people that walk around everywhere with a damn EMPTY ass bookbag on like they ass going to school…who the hell said that was cute…I really wanna know because they should be SHOT…at least when Kanye did it he had shit in his bag.
-(You already kind of covered this one but I’m on a roll and this feels good!!lol)These damn remedial rappers like Plies…he has a DEGREE but he wants to make stupid ass music sounding like he never made it past 3rd grade…are you serious??You are too damn old to be talking like that SIR!!
-These crazy stalker ass men/women…if somebody says no they mean it point blank period…people like me try to spare your feelings by saying stuff like “I don’t like you that way” or “I’m going out with my friends that day” but noooooo you wanna keep asking like you don’t get it…then when you get cussed out you wanna get mad…next time I’m just gonna reply with “I’M COOL ON THAT” to everything they say.
-(You already said Skinny Jeans but this is what I think of them)If you have a penis your jeans should not look like leggings!!I guess maybe I should say if you don’t tuck and tape your penis LOL…it is ok for them to fit and not sag but these New Boys as I call them need to sit they asses down…then you wanna sag them and they already tight as hell…I hope the next guy to put on Skinny Jeans cuts the circulation off to his testicles and they fall off!!
-These people that have no identity also known as “followers” (I’m not talking about on Twitter but if you like what I’m saying you should follow me @AudreAunaK08) I guess it’s their choice to be a follower…or is it??hum??If we went to the mall and you say “Isn’t this shirt so cute?” and I say “No I don’t like that” and you reply by saying “Yeah I didn’t really like it that much anyway”…if you have conversations like this with your friends then I am talking about YOU!!
-These deadbeat fathers/mothers…if you were good enough to make a child then you’re good enough to take care of them…not give them up for adoption or have an abortion!!You need to take care of your responsibilities…maybe not so much the young people…no fuck that if they old enough to have sex then they old enough to deal with the consequences of their actions.

I’m sure there are more but those were the ones I could think of…let me know if you use anything I said.

8 08 2010

I’m cool on every ninja being a rapper or saying Im a producer. Oh and name dropping people. Please we all know that the only people who think your music is fly is your homeboys.

I’m cool on men/women who complain about their baby mamas/baby daddies all the time. You weren’t thinking about how irresponsible or horrible they were when yall was getting it in. Side note if they weren’t taking care of their kids before for you came along what makes you think you’re really going to make them change.

I’m cool on my friends who stay complaining everyday or week about their man that they know is a loser but won’t leave his ass. Misery loves company and I’m sick of listening to it. Either do something about your situation to change it or shut up about it

3 09 2010
Scooter B.

1.Im cool on the WORD and IMAGE of SWAGG…seems like everybody has it these days that means it must be on sale at walmart somewhere…
2. Im cool on women at the club on the wall with they face scrunched up…ya messin up

11 09 2010





27 09 2010

I’M SO COOL ON… -hating ass people that ACT like they’re your friends. are you mad, A) bc i have a man and you’re “ms. lonely,” B) bc i’m doin SO much with my life, or C) bc i look better than you?

my girl always feels the need to call me out on shit for no apparent reason. example, you plead? sure.
last night we were out at the club, and i looked bomb. we decided last minute to go where we went, so she looked crazy-who wears a cardigan in the club!? and flats? and jeans? nah, son. i’m cool on that.
so, my friend decides every now and then to mess with my hair (5 star rated weave-i’m a perfectionist so its always looking right). finally, we’re standing next to some attractive men, and i guess she decided all of a sudden to be big’n’bad and swatted at my hair. when i was like “why do you always INSIST on being in my hair???” she says “WELL ITS FAKE!” like, BITCH, yes its fake and it STILL looks better than yours.

it’s myyy head, no? my life? right, i thought so.
but, maybe if you stop hating so hard and ask really nicely, i’ll hook you up with a stylist, a beautician, a life coach, and perhaps even a MAN. jealous trick.

31 10 2010

I am fed up with these woman that actually think that they can beat a man, and puposely start fights with men out of blue, as well as provoke them verbally. hopefully the man that they provoke have enough sense to ignore them, because all to often this leads serious altercations between the woman’s men friends and the victim

5 01 2011

I’m cool on females who say “niggas ain’t sh*t”. I hate that with a passion

6 01 2011

I’m cool on piercings all over your face and random tattoo scribbles all over your body… ugh… I cant quite figure out what I’m looking at!

I’m super cool on people who only buy clothes that show off the brand out loud…for example: Dereon, Baby Phat, Apple Bottoms, Sean John, Rocca Wear and on and on…

I’m cool on girls that ALWAYS wanna talk about the next dude she is on… I stopped paying attention 50 dudes ago!!!

Oh!… and one more… I’m cool on chicks braggin about how much money a guy spent on her…. usually it’s the last dinner she’s gettin from him…. but she gotta brag any damn way!

26 01 2011
Asha Gentry

1) people saying “dat” like its cute to sound like a toddler with a speech impediment
2) the repetitive use of the word “swag”
3) photoshop pictues!
4) people sitting in class mad that they have to learn…then don’t come!
5) niggas/females who hug you too long or hold onto you

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