The phrase “I’M COOL ON THAT” is a saying that expresses your DISLIKE for something. It’s similar to how slang terminology turns negatives into positives (ie. NOT BAD MEANING BAD, BUT BAD MEANING GOOD). The coining derives from the root Phrase “I’M TOO COOL FOR THAT”..which over time was shortened to “I’M COOL”, and coupled with directing it to a specific subject matter, we arrive at…. “IM COOL ON THAT.”

Now, as Wikipedia-ish as all of that just sounded, I am really full of shit. LOL. I have no idea how or what the root phrase of it is. All I know that I use the phrase a lot, because in this world there is a lot of shit….IM COOL ON. Enjoy this site and if you have a good topic that you’re cool on send it to me and it might make the list in some form or fashion.


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