10 09 2010

There’s a type of man out there that nobody respects…He comes in the form of…A Jealous HusbandA Boyfriend Stalker…or just some Bitchmade Man with too many girlish feelings. He goes against the basic rules of Mancode on a daily, which makes him a true …..VIOLATOR OF THE GAME.

“The difference between a Man and a Boy is that a Man is in control of his Emotions.”

Nile Evans 2009

I usually don’t delve into my personal life on Blog entries, but I’ve recently dealt with a silly bullshit situation in which I need to address.  I was lightweight dealing with a lil chick off and on and her “So called Boyfriend” sends me an email talking about how he knows she’s been seein me and how he lives with her and “that’s HIS girl” and that he thought I should know and for me to STEP OFF before something “HAPPENS”. (laughs to myself)  I read it…heard the pain and anger in his lil words and thought… WHAT PART OF THE GAME IS THIS?? Is he comin at ME???…REALLY?? Now for one, I can see if he thought I was wrapped up into this chick and was warning me that she had lied to me about her status…but then I thought….WHY WOULD YOU EVEN BE TRYIN TO SCARE ME AWAY?… so you can be with this chick WHO’S OBVIOUSLY MESSIN WITH ANOTHER GUY.  Does this young fella not know MAN CODE??

MAN CODE RULE #4093.1 – #4093.4

  1. Respect THE GAME!
  2. Don’t Hate the Player…Hate the Game!
  3. Don’t ever call another MAN about YOUR chick. Deal with HER.
  4. She’s NOT REALLY your chick…if she’s fuckin with HIM.

Pimps will be the first to tell you… “She chose me”….or…”It’s by choice, not by force”…meaning…When a woman chooses you or to be with you…IT’S HER CHOICE! What can you say to that?? Why would you be mad at HIM or even HER??…That should never be argued. There’s too many women in the world to choose from. If they want someone else then LET EM GO so that you don’t look like a LIL OL SILLY BITCH with a beard and crocodile tears rollin down your eyes. The homies don’t give hugs for that type of shit!!

There should NEVER…not NEVAH be a dude on the phone, text, email, facebook trying to threaten or harrass another Man about THEIR GIRL’S CHOICES. Because first off…YOU’RE MORE THAN LIKELY SETTING YOURSELF UP FOR AN ASS WHOOPIN. Secondly…AFTER HE WHOOPS YOUR ASS you’re only gonna think……”What did that Prove?….He still aint gonna stop hittin my chick.” GET SOME FUCKIN “MAN-UP JUICE” IN YOUR SYSTEM!!!!  I hate to see another generation of WEAK ASS MEN who Stalk chicks and get have to get their ASS BEAT by REAL ASS MEN because they didnt follow and respect the rules of THE GAME.  (all of this can easily be applied to Women as well)










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10 09 2010

Thank you Nile for yet another great read! This is so on point and if a lot of men would control their emotions it would save a lot of drama. A women should never be a mans down fall and a real man will see that and just walk away! I will forward this to all my male friends!

10 09 2010

lmao @ ‘lightweight dealing with a lil chick’!!! And damn at dude not dealing with ‘his’ girl! smdh!!! She’s the only one that has an interest in yo feelings and we see how much she cares about them so what makes you think that another man gives a shit and he don’t even know you??!!! CTFU

10 09 2010

I love it and I think the same can be said about females because I have been in a similar situation. I have to say I love you too you speak nothing, but the truth and my timeline is never dull.

10 09 2010

lmao and that GOES FOR WOMEN 2!!!

10 09 2010

Hilarious that dude admitted he knew his chick was messing with you on the side but still felt the need to contact you about it…punk a** LOL. As if you have any loyalty to him. Fool is running around looking stupid hahaha!!!
I never understand why the boyfriend or girlfriend would call the outside individual who isn’t committed in the relationship to begin with. Confront your spouse…NOT the other person.

10 09 2010

Lmaoooo. Dudes put up a front to look tough. You don’t scare anyone! And it does go for ladies as well. Just because you raise your voice in a fury of ghetto words, doesn’t not make you any more intimidating. Grow up, instead of asking for a black eye. You can’t put your significant other on a leash. You’re just not doing it for them. Leave with dignity. (And I’m sorry dude came at you wrong Nile. It was very disrespectful…)

10 09 2010

This is very true! Glad u said at the end that it could be vice versa too! Seems like the man would just move on though, instead of all of that though!

10 09 2010

LMMFAO!!! Yet another great post , even if it did take a while.

10 09 2010

I’ve been (you) in the same situation not that long ago.. It makes me laugh! Why would you fight for someone who obviously doesn’t care about you enough to be exclusive. Or maybe your lacking something they can get from someone else.

10 09 2010


I concur with this ENTIRE piece. I think it’s sad that person would even stoop to this level when they are already obviously losin’ at love, and ultimately losin’ in life. Losin’ at love because they thought they were THE ONE but obviously WERENENT and werenent informed, and losin’ at life because they chose to contact their opponent before the pending fight to concede by tellin’ that muhfuh that don’t even care how they feel, about HOW THEY FEEL. Lost and at a loss, SMDH… Oh yeah, you’re a man. Grow a pair… Women out-number men like 5:1 and sh!! these days… WTF is up wit’ dat homie??!


10 09 2010

LOVE IT!!! And it really applies to women as well…
… I had some chick stalking my FB because I was ‘lightweight dealing’ w/ “HER” man…

She needs to read the (wo)man code rule #4093.1 – 4093.4

10 09 2010

soooo on point

10 09 2010
Syl Hill

What can I say? Nile you hit it out the park again! Sorry that happened to you but glad you could use it to amuse us LOL! Look, I get that when you’re in love, male or female, it can be an emotional thing but real talk.. the general code that we got back in the first grade was if youre dude or girl chooses to play in the sandbox with somebody else – that you don’t even know – dont be calling, texting, or emailing them?… wait I have to scroll up to make sure I read right… (pause) OH HELL NAW dis nikka here sent Nile an E(mo)mail – well its nice to know that dude didn’t text you from his girls phone. When boys act like girls by contacting men with threats and ownership rights- its a sign of other problems so no wonder that girl might go find another dude with a real penis not a faux clip-on pony-peener. and it goes both ways… Happened to me a few times too – Once with a real wife that was “separated but still lived in the west wing” (no names) b*tch don’t call me if you find my number in his phone! A) I’m a writer it’s probably business and 3) B*tch talk to him and ask him – I don’t know you or your situation – assume it was him and deal with him – NOW I’m cool on the both of yous! *click call rejection*.

10 09 2010


10 09 2010

If you are in love with a person who cheats on you, then you will reap what you sow. Never defend a cheater. Check her and let her know, she is not all that to be cheating’, she chose him, bounce and move on’. Once a cheat always a cheat. Where’s your dignity? (Goes for Man or Woman) Cheaters never prosper! Believe that!

10 09 2010

Yeah, I had a homey I had to cut off.. He was telling his girl that I was a womanizer and had cheated on broads inthe past and was trying to make me less attractive to his girl. He saw she used to flash her big nipples at a brother and was heading the attraction off at the pass I suspect BUY it was clear bitch-nigga shit nonetheless. I held water for him when he cheated on his girl also… He also got engaged to her and HER friends are asking him why? Sounds suspect to me. She even asked me to see my dick once… I was tripping like, “Huh”? He wasn’t around and she said ” Let me see it, I heard it is big “… Yeah, I did him a favor.. She’s a hot morrocan and I left it alone. Be SHOULD be thanking me but Instead I just stopped kicking it with him. She even has pics of him in her thongs… He is clearly “dildo-material”, she’s gonna fuck him soon, watch.

10 09 2010

Lol! Another great post. “…LET EM GO so that you don’t look like a LIL OL SILLY BITCH with a beard and crocodile tears.” Love it. So true.

10 09 2010
Felisha Cottrell

That was an EXCELLENT read!

10 09 2010
Nicole C.

Classic example of someone (dude in your scenario) whose chick lost all respect for him. Speaking from a female’s perspective, if my respect for a dude is gone, then I’m looking at the front door. I won’t front and act like I’ve never been jealous and called some chick back, but my reasons were warranted…the heifa called my house NUMEROUS times. She had to be checked for that…and rest assured he was too! Emotions can run high, but I also think a person’s age plays a part too. People “should” get wiser with age. Another on point blog.

10 09 2010

Ahhh Nile…bravo once again! Definitely something I related to during my dating days of yester-year!

10 09 2010
Russell J

LOL @ “lightweight dealing with this chick” and this dude is MAD serious about her. To answer your question that is NOT a part of the game but we got too many hybrid dudes out here nowadays look like and have man parts but act like a f-ing BROAD…smdh

10 09 2010
Sexy Auntie

Yeah and what part of the game are “stalkers”. I had this crazy stalker that brought a ladder to my house,just so he could knock on my 2nd. floor bedroom window. Nile your crazy as always, LMAO @ “lightweight dealing with a little chick”,classic Nile.

10 09 2010

Amen! If I was messy or gave a damn, I’d send this to the silly chick that hit me up. GTFOH! Handle your dude!

10 09 2010

Hilarious…. Kudos but what kind of man training from a generation of ‘men’ who wear skinny jeans and talk about having ‘swag’?

10 09 2010

Okay, first of all, what kind of man sends a threatening email???? WOW, I’m so scared!! He sent it as an urgent!! What was the title of the email??? Boooooo??? LOL!
Secondly, I didnt know people still did this..you know, hide behind their embarassment, react off their feeling of rejection and try to attack someone that owes them nothing!

Thanks Nile for once again, telling the truth! Glad I don’t have this kind of drama!

10 09 2010
jade peone


10 09 2010

word!!! and bishes need to learn this code real fast too.plz dont be calling nobody up about ur man coz NOBODY CARES ABOUT HOW U FEEL! and also ladies if u planning to step up to the sidechick, if u planning to beat her down to shoe her the error of her way plz make sure, beforehand, that that bish is not capable of single-handedly annihilating u and urs. #thatisall

10 09 2010

Yes sir true honesty. This needs to be handed to every male at the age of 3 so he can gauge himself the rest of his life. Lol Man Juice. As usual good work

10 09 2010

Well…I hear you, but at the same time. What kind of woman is going to live with a dude and mess around with other dudes? If you choose, then you need to choose to get the hell out. Don’t play with emotions cause that how people get hurt! Then don’t be messy about it, how the heck did dude even get your email? Sounds like the chick was…that’s another blog I guess.

10 09 2010
Erin JS

LOL! The funny part is that is EXACTLY what women do. Handle your boo because they are the one double dipping or getting double dipped. Smh.

10 09 2010

This is Real Talk to the hybrid dudes out here! You’re not supposed to be mad at anyone but yourself. You were the one who chose the lousy female that lurks around to another dude & didn’t have your back. Don’t attack the other dude involved! This is how so many fights happen at nightclubs or any venue around the nation. Then the outcome is usually the penn or six feet under! I’m guessing most didn’t have a father or a father figure in their life to teach them THE GAME! GAME RECOGNIZE GAME!!! Message to the “Hybrid dude”- grow some nuts dawg!

11 09 2010
dj skeez

Tell’em how u really feel sen!! Its pretty obvious she was looking for a man with a real physical pair of balls…

11 09 2010

Sounds like my ex, he would stalk me at functions, at work, when I was out networking, when I was getting my hair done, etc. Once I was networking at an event with a lot of radio personalities. I had just finished making a contact when my ex shows up from behind the bar, pulls out his wallet from at least four years ago with a photo of me holding our son together. Our relationship had ended over three years ago, but he pulls out a photo to try to solidify that I was his women. That is when I discovered that he was doing this every where & making me look bad. I told him in no uncertain terms did I ever want to be with him again & that if he didn’t back off I would report him as a stalker. He wised up & finally left me alone.

11 09 2010

old boy has alot of nerve, hell, its because of you that he probably still gets to live there! ungrateful ass…he should be THANKING YOU!!

11 09 2010
Ali G.

i had no idea. dont even know what to say…

11 09 2010


11 09 2010
Hillary D

i missed you blog, im glad you came back and started posting again!! i agree with you!! i had an exboyfriend, and when we broke up and i started talking to other guys, he would call them and try to say we were together tryin to cock block. he just ended up looking like a damn pussy…. and we def didnt get up after that for sure!! i had to change my number cause he would block his number and call me, i knew it was him!! and his text messages were hilarious!!! wow, it was insane there for a bit. but for real, one time he showed up when i was on a date with someone and totally mad an ass of himself!! men do not let your emotions take over rational thinking, and as you said, same applies to us ladies too!

11 09 2010

Nile, you speak the truth as always!

11 09 2010
Roberta Guillen

Tell me would it make a difference if he was a she? If you painted the picture of her being bitch made for being overly emotional, her wanting to speak to the woman, wanting to know if she even no of him, but this dude new u was smashing? Before she decides to leave his ass, me on the other hand I want 2 no! And not walk away with pain on heart until God nos when, she’s not woman enough to be honest period in this situation, that’s first off! Better yet does it make her the cheater a playa? because the cheater has no respect for her self less long anyone else in the situation and the other “bitch made?”for contacting someone else about his girl.. dont no don’t get me wrong I agree with some of the things you said I think this is a picture of basic human life and applies to all of us. I think however that the person who is ever suppose to let us down is ourselves. We do this in many ways. I agree that some important people in our life can and will let us down as well as lift us up. When we look at the long term those important people should be more helpful than hurtful
Now on some real shit, I personally wouldn’t entertain her nor him, yes when god made one woman he made a million more! To much drama that “she” can’t control… i would it alone, u just don’t want that nigga 2 be ur stalker behind her!

11 09 2010

LMAOOO!! Spoken like a true man! Is it the same code for women too? Most GF go after the lady of the hour but I think GF shld investigate with their BF first b4 daring to ask LOH (lady of hour). Anyway, *claps, whistle* good subject, I like this one!

11 09 2010

Well said. Applicable to both male and female. I will be sharing this.

I’m definitely stealing this quote – most definitely giving you your props…


5 01 2011

the best part of this is when you said if she fckin another man then she aint yours. True that! You might stop one dude from fckin her but if it’s in her then she’ll find another.

6 01 2011

women are the worst game violators…because they will stalk, hunt you down, and really try to argue with you…..if he really just wanted you…he wouldnt be messin around on you….

as far as the messee…..she may have known…or she may not have…just so long as she doesnt get caught up with the cheatin bastard…lol

6 01 2011

I also left a comment of fb…why are people so stupid? Obviously the guy can’t hold his woman..and why would he want to..I mean it sounds like she’s “everybody’s” woman..the guy crossed the line for sure…they deserve each other cuz they’re both messed up!!
Okay Nile..what’s my share of the $300mill??? lol

9 04 2011

Wow, LOL he sent you an email!?! That is tooo funny! yeah, a little sensitivity is ok, but a soft man is a no, no! If you end up beating his ass can you do another one of those video post? I could use a good laugh!

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