13 11 2009

BOOTLEG CHRISTIANS!!!! by Guest Blogger…Brandale Randolph12156_174828627794_692052794_2845649_1177681_a

The entire Chapter of Matthew 6 is dedicated to YOU BOOTLEG CHRISTIANS…but I’ll just use one VERSE:

Matthew 6 v 1 “Be careful not to do your ‘acts of righteousness’ before men, to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven…

In other words, all you BOOTLEG CHRISTIANS who beat your chest every time you do something good, just for the ATTENTION…Ummm.. That’s Ugly!! You know YO MAMA told you… “GOD DONT LIKE UGLY!!!”

I could go on ALL DAY on these MISINFORMED HYPOCRITES…… and I won’t…BUT HERE’S A LIL TASTE :


1) STOP dressing like you going to church to catch a MAN and not the HOLY GHOST….

2) STOP going to church looking for WOMEN…GO to the local Supermarket after Church. I heard they all be there..

3) STOP constantly telling me YOU are a Christian…. IF I DONT ASK YOU!!! …..That’s like telling me you a THUG, PLAYER, DIVA or REAL PIMP… IF YOU HAVE TO PREACH TO OTHERS THAT YOU ARE ……CHANCES ARE… YOU AINT.

4) STOP tryin to act PERFECT on SUNDAY when you are EVIL as HELL the other six days… WE KNOW YOU 1/7 of a CHRISTIAN!!! (do the math)

and finally…

5) STOP USING CHRISTIANITY AS YOUR CRUTCH … Saying NOTHING or saying I DON’T KNOW is OKAY sometimes!!!! (try it)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’re gonna give me the.. “Judge not lest ye be judge” line, right? But what are you doing when you tell get mad and say.. “I’ll pray for you, Brotha!!” …when in your heart you wanna tell me to “GO TO HELL”?   Well if Heaven is filled with hypocrites like you and YO’ PASSA, grab a bag of ICE on your way out because I can assure you it’s gonna be kinda HOT where you headed.

There are a lot of things I am cool WITH…but BOOTLEG CHRISTIANITY???     ……I’M COOL ON THAT!!







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13 11 2009

Bootleg Christians…love it, especially how you broke it down, verse by verse….Preach on Passa!!!

30 06 2010

I have an extensive history with “Boot-leg Cristains, and it ain’t pretty! I was on drugs and something very bad happened to me. I knew if I didn’t get help I was going to die, I begged God to forgive me and help me and he did. He sent my mother to help me and throuh her he sent the assistant minister of her church. I got clean. After about a year and a half of going to church and being active in the congregation, the assistent minister and I fell in love and wanted to get married. Never in my wildest dreams did I think the brothers and sisters (mostly sisters) of the church would turn on us like they did. People of the church soon began calling his parents telling them about my past. It wasn’t long before someone called his job ( he was also a police officer) and told his boss that he was dating someone with a felony. They ran my name and told him that there was a policy that a police officer couldn’t fratanize with a felon and if he didn’t stop seeing me he would have to resign. With all the pessure from the commuity, and a serious depletion of back-bone, he ended up breaking up with me. So I did the only thing I knew to do to relieve the pain, got high. I am happy to say that today, I have been clean from drugs for almost three years. I am a second year college student with a 3.5 G.P.A. However, these accomplishments I have are insigniffent to the fact that if I didn’t have forgivness for the seeminly wrongs I felt I suffered at the hands of those so called cristains, then I couldn’t very well expect that God through His Son Jesus Christ would save and forgive me. Futhermore, I can assure you that I am blessed and highly favored or I wouldnt be conversing here now. Besides, who am I really…to call anybody a so-called cristain.

13 11 2009

Love it…so true…I think hypocrits always say they are a Christian to get a pass on their wrong doings and think they are above the law.

I do believe in Jesus Christ & not ashamed to say it….I just let my light shine through my acts of kindness…we need not to brag & boost about anything.

Great point, and I do understand why people do not want to go to church or convert because of soooo many bad examples.

Great post!!!

13 11 2009

I must admit that you have a good post and yeah I don’t go around preaching that I am a Christian but I don’t want people disrespecting me either because I am one and feel the need to talk to someone about God when they are going through trouble in their lives. We are suppose to be desciples of Christ when we are out there in the world. Jesus came and did what he was suppose to. Church is an everyday thing and you don’t need to be in a steeple house to have it either.

13 11 2009
Luwana Huckleby

You were so on it with this 1

13 11 2009

Yo Passa? That was funny-but in that blog was a whole lotta truth in it.

13 11 2009

LOL…GREAT POST!!!! Or why do they say God knows my heart, and your selling crack!!! LOL I just don’t understand!!! But I give all the grace and glory to god!!!

13 11 2009


18 03 2010

For sure… I have heard that line several times from my neighbor and she got a revolving door… she always says its hard but God knows my heart…

13 11 2009
Mr. Williams

King James Bible

1 Jesus went unto the mount of Olives. 2 And early in the morning he came again into the temple, and all the people came unto him; and he sat down, and taught them. 3 And the scribes and Pharisees brought unto him a woman taken in adultery; and when they had set her in the midst, 4 They say unto him, Master, this woman was taken in adultery, in the very act. 5 Now Moses in the law commanded us, that such should be stoned: but what sayest thou? 6 This they said, tempting him, that they might have to accuse him. But Jesus stooped down, and with his finger wrote on the ground, as though he heard them not. 7 So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

13 11 2009

Please elaborate…..

13 11 2009

Brandale, I think Mr. Williams is saying that we all fall short and that we should not be judgmental, “lest we be judged”.

13 11 2009
Chad B

One day I was leaving church with my grandmother. She looked down at me and said “Hell is gonna bust wide open full of THESE Christians.” My eye has been keen to the bootleggers ever since that day.

13 11 2009

Speak on it,you just expressed the way a lot of people think and feel about the churches of today…

13 11 2009

It has just been my experience that organized religion is a business. I completed a lot of work for a very large church a few years ago and got stiffed. I’m in the parking lot chasing down the pastor to pay my invoice as he’s driving off in his Maybach. *SMDH* ImCoolOnThat too!!!!

13 11 2009
Nene Favors

THIS is the funniest thing EVER!!!!! People at my mom’s church in Plano, TX is like that!

13 11 2009

Thank you all…. NOW SUBSCRIBE!!

Then share with ALL YOUR PEOPLE!!!

13 11 2009

this blog made me think of this video….love how these kids think they are about to SCHOOL dude but they get SCHOOLed themselves!!!!!

great note B Riddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13 11 2009


“Now sit down nigga before I put this glove on your ass!!!” Gotta love Richard Pryor.

13 11 2009
Regina Michelle

I agree on one note….stop dressing like your going to the club…it’s church ladies…dress appropriate, landing a man means to not show all the goods…but enough to make him wonder what it looks like underneath!!!!!!!!!!!!

13 11 2009

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” –
— Mahatma Gandhi

13 11 2009
JuJuan Bolding

It’s funny, whenever something positive happens in my and my brother’s life, the first thing my mom says is I prayed on it. I want to say to her, maybe it happened because we made good decisions in life. My favorite is when something good happens and people say, “God is good.” When an innocent mother of 5 and her children are killed in a tragic car accident, does that mean God is bad?

13 11 2009

You aint neva lied. Just saying you a christian doesnt make you one, just like sitting in a garage dont make you a car. Live the life, people will just know.

13 11 2009

Great post!! Hard to be a churchgoer when you are around such hypocracy!!

13 11 2009

sorry so called christians, it is scientifically impossible for a human virgin to give birth …….it is also hard as hell to walk on water( for the literal christians). The “trinity” isnt mentioned anywhere in the bible specifically…and if there is a firm belief in monotheism, why do yall pray to the son to get to the father??

13 11 2009

@SB As a real one….I can answer all of those questions…..

13 11 2009

but imma keep the mood light…

13 11 2009

I’ve BEEN ULTRA-cool on religious groups, forever…
The bootleg-christian thingy??
HILARIOUSLY true, lol!!

13 11 2009

If you feel the deep need to ”belong” to one of these groups,
it would seem quite beneficial to follow the laws ‘to-the-letter’
or why even BELONG and make up excuses like, “I’m only human…”??
OR the infamous phrase, “I’m just a man…”??
I overstand no one’s perfect, but DAYUM!!
…don’t claim “crip” or “blood” if u can’t wear the colors that identify u as such, lol!
Just sayin…

13 11 2009
Mr. Williams

@ Brandale * First in explaining the verses quoted – just the spirit in which we “call people out” at TIMES is judgmental and self-righteous…myself included! Second – if there are “SAINTS” and/or “SINNERS” – those bootleggers we’re talking about would have to be “SINNERS”. Hence “he who is without SIN…”

Second * If you get together a room full of theologians/ministers/priests/imams – every single one will make a compelling argument for THEIR religious point of view based on THEIR books and recalling of history by THEIR chosen sources. So if all are “factual” and come from “reliable sources”…who’s RIGHT??!!! And who’s been up to talk to God himself to support THEIR point of view?!!!

13 11 2009

@Mr. Williams I agree 100% There is no right… And to condemn is to play God…

My point exactly… Just making sure we agree.

13 11 2009
Ali G

if God is in fact real, and all the stuff about “Godliness” is true, God would be straight on bootleg xtians too!

Get off your soap box about being a good christian if you have “booty pics” on your facebook page! STFU about being devoted to the lord if youre all “boo’d up” with someone other than your spouse that youre still married to…

13 11 2009

@brandale…..all those questions i asked have been asked centuries ago, plenty of time and thought has gone into the answers and im sure you’ll be convincing.I KNOW there is a “GOD” , im just not convinced the best route to the creator is through organized religion

damn…im really being a good PC citizen….LOL

TO EACH THEIR OWN…LIVE AND LET LIVE….PIMPS UP HOES DOWN..and all the other cool ass things to say


13 11 2009

@ MR WILLIAMS…….ive had a truly CELESTIAL experience once….yes sir…i have spoken to the creator and got a real response(ill just leave it at that…*smile*)

13 11 2009

Jesus name wasnt even Jesus….i mean…if the man that walked the earth some 2000 years ago were to re appear and walk past you and you called him Jesus…he would probably keep on walking…cause he was known as YASHUA…and please spare me the explanations of this little mistake…..cause it really is one of the biggest lies and conspiracy theories EVER created….but hey what do i know…*shrugs*

13 11 2009

Toooooo true. I love GOD, but don’t always care for “Church Folk”.

13 11 2009

It’s gettin all theological up in here…, but all I got to say is that that was just plain funny! Keep it up Nile!

13 11 2009

GOD is real it just depends on what god you believe in. No matter what religion you in I believe none of them would put up with the 5 bootleg problems but each religion has their own problems like Christian with the bootlegging, Muslims with blowing themselves up thinking it brings honor and they will go to heaven with 100 virgin women, Catholics turning a blind side to their predafile priests, and so on. Each religion has there down side and views we may or may not understand but who are we to judge. That is for God to decide and him alone. I have to say I hate I mean hate church going people who acted all good/holy , judge people and preach the word of god but don’t understand what they are preaching because what they are doing is what god is telling them not to do.

13 11 2009
Mr. Williams

@ SB * Mushrooms and weed don’t count as a “CELESTIAL EXPERIENCE” LMAOOO

But you do make some valid points. You would think people who “believe in” someone would call him by his real NAME and depict his IMAGE in a way that the bible truly DESCRIBES. I dunno…maybe it’s just me…

@ Brandale * Where I come from – no CHRISTIAN could agree with me that there is no RIGHT. Because a TRUE “believer” has to believe that Christ is “the way – the truth – and the light” thus making Christianity THE RIGHT!

13 11 2009

LOLOLOL@ MR WILLIAMS….i never fucked with the shrooms( i tripped off the people that did though…believe that..LOL) no comment on the caniboids, but my experience was done while sober and really was quite a trip(no..not THAT kind of trip)….

as far as your points concerning the “image” of christ and the practice by the so called christians…i couldnt agree with you more….i mean as soon as someone start to inform me and remind me how they are a christain, i start to make sure my wallet and watch are safe….im from LA…fuck what ya say…its what ya DO is how i determine who you are

one of my real difficulties with Christianity is when i ask a Christian if a kind, humble, gentle, peaceful man of good works can enter heaven without believing all the hyperbole and dogma of YASHUA and the new testament and they tell me….”the only way to god or to heaven is thru christ”

COME ON MAN!!…i cant buy that…..besides….im convinced HEAVEN and HELL are right here on earth…..all you have to do is use 6TH ST in LA…as your MAPQUEST to heaven and hell on earth…..ill make a brief explanation

start on 6th and Vermont…..if you head west in like 10 minutes you will be in hancock park….beautiful homes with heavenly gates….if you head east , in 10 minutes you will be on 6th and San Julian in the the belly of the beast….right in the middle of FIRE and BRIMSTONE(figure it out)….

can i get a witness?….i dont have to be a christian to give testimony up in here do i??..LOL

14 11 2009
Regina M

WOW, that is so true. I really have no comment. veryone has pretty much covered the basis… I see the scenerio all the time and it aggrivates me. WOW that really needed to be put put there, Thanks NILE!

14 11 2009
Katherine Cuzin Bit

You a damn fool …LMAO………So somebody been preaching foolishness to you recently……

14 11 2009

The Richard Pryor picture along has me on the floor laughing! Great artical! Love it!

14 11 2009

Amen. For real.

14 11 2009

I totally co-sign. Nothing worse the “Christians” flashing their faith like a loser in the club does his AMEX.

14 11 2009

So true bro. So very true.

14 11 2009

I agree 100% thats why i dont go to my childhood church man! it use to be so much of that goin on in there lol!! the church i go to now every body come and mind they own business get the word and go home!!

14 11 2009

now all the church/organized religon haters are coming out the woodworks….LOL…I swear people are such sheep….shit..I LIKE CHURCH(doesnt mean i have to go all the time..or agree with the dogma and beliefs)…there are some gifted, charismatic(read:cold blooded con men) preachers out there who can make you FEEL it….who am i to knock the hustle???*shrugs*…i doubt you see me tithing to any of these PULPIT PIMPS w/ BENTLEYS, MANSIONS AND G5 JETS….naw…not me…praise the lord tho…just keep your hands out my pocket…

ya dig?

14 11 2009

I totally concur with this, spot on! My other problem with bootleg christians is when they hate in the name of the Lord, or spread fear when they can’t support their message. Also, the ones who think they love and know God better than I do, can sit and face the other direction. I refuse to pray with hypocrites, when my bed is vacant for myself, alone

14 11 2009

Amend! I’ve heard from a “Christian” that church is where the most devilish folk dwell because they need Jesus more than the rest of us. None of this matters because Christ knows the heart

14 11 2009
Vanessa G

I wouldn’t know, I’m catholic and u know I thought we were the worse of all religions. lol

15 11 2009
Renee Sager

I agree 100% with all that and its hilarious for someone to call them out.. But no one will step up to the plate and admit it.. Only our father knows the truth of the matter of any individuals true self.. no matter how hard they try to impress the world.

15 11 2009

boot leg christians coming to a city near you.. great title for a play or movie.. and the content is off the chain!!!!!!!

15 11 2009


15 11 2009
Lethea Hale-Rodgers

I am so glad you touched on this topic! I have a strong Christian background and spent alot of my childhood in the church. I have strayed away more than once and every time I am looked at something other than human…I have had so many so called saints say the most evil and hateful things to me and look down at me for making wrong choices…they may have been wrong but they were my choices to make! I thought that these so called saints were suppose to uplift and not judge, but most of them always do! I can’t understand for the life of me why these saints are so quick to judge, but every time you see them at a gathering of some sort they are drinking more wine than anybody else! Go figure!

16 11 2009

Came on this site cuz someone asked me as a favor, I aint into the whole religious thing, dont care…Coo Post, we all know people that say one thing and do another are funny…I dont know why folks be arguin this whole GOD thing, everybody got they own path, cuz everyone sees things a little different, no two eyes see the same and and no two perspectives are Identical. But no matter what road you take, i think everyone wanna be in the same place.. Wich is Some place you hope to be better than the world your currently in..peace/NW

16 11 2009
Kayla Kristen

Love this BOOTLEG CHRISTIAN, heard that…funny and straight to the point, yeah and oh so TRUE!!! LMAO

20 11 2009

Exaactly! If I didn’t ASK what ur faith is… dont waste your time telling me. If i gotta tell someone who or what I’m about I must not be living it enough to be seen!

22 11 2009
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28 11 2009

Priceless! Thanks for the laugh!

29 11 2009

Bootleg Christians is the reason ppl don’t want to go to church.. Its so true. I feel the same way. Fake people who use their Faith to CON ppl to get either money or free food or other things…. I know NO one is perfect… But don’t Praise the lord with ur mouth when Ur HEART is faaarrrr from him..

1 12 2009

Hmmm Bootleg Christians. Never thought to put it that way. I am a christian and none of the above apply to me. I thank my parents and pastors for that. What bothers me are the ones u decide to date “inside the church” who turn out to be like someone “outside the church” I think that hurts worse than anything.

2 12 2009

see? those 1/7th christians are the reason I dont go to church like I used to… I’d rather read ma bible and listen to gospel on my sundays; rather than see to those 99yr old single LONELY old ladies with their picnic-basket hats with the broach to match, murmur and ‘mm-hmm pastuh’ to every thang that man in a robe says… then leave church and have a ‘nip’ with dinner… HYPOCRITES I TELL YOU!!!!

12 12 2009
courtney elizabeth

LMAO @ #2 though…lol.
“Imma pray for you…” …LMAO…

22 12 2009

lol too funny! now how many of the “not religious pple” celebrate christmas?

the blind following is the 1 of the biggest problems i have with religion. as some1 said earlier, when pple cant use logic they go with fear. all of it is a crock, especially for black folk. we weren’t christians when we got here. im just supposed to believe the slavemasters taught us this foreign spiritual system to make us better pple, or was is another way to destroy our strong will & nature? & where do the christians get off naming a supposed spiritual system of living after a man?

dnt wanna go deep after such a funny post but passionate about the subject.

31 12 2009


LOL, thanks for pointing me here! I love this! Bootleg Christian is such a perfect term! That’s the thing, Christianity itself is Bootleg! The word is only mentioned in the Bible 2, maybe 3 times, depending on the translation you read, and even in those scriptures the Most High nor our Savior and Redeemer Christ did not mention this term. The Most High never gave “US” so-called organized religion nor Christianity, he only gave “US”, the laws, statutes and the commandments to follow! Man created religion and Bootleg Christianity!

SB, you got some good points!

15 01 2010
Curt Redd......

I see it every Sunday and I just laugh!

17 01 2010

im glad somebody got it in writing. sometimes it only takes one specific person, to make a group of people realize their ignorance.

3 03 2010

i concurr!

7 03 2010

😦 sorry i don’t believe I know any Christian that actually practices Christianity …like Ghandi says..I like your Christ , I don’t like your Christians

9 03 2010

Couldn’t agree more, I’m cool on them type off ppl as well

3 04 2010

LOL at this post. A lot of holier than though Christians love to use their religious beliefs as a crutch. I mean they fail to realize that just because you go to church does not necessarily mean you doing a good thing for the betterment of society. I think its all a crock of s***…

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